week one 
Week One

1.  walk for 5 minutes every day.
2.  eat 1 fruit or vegetable every day
3.  drink 2 glasses of water every day
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1. Walk at least 15 minutes every day. a. EXERCISE BOOSTS BRAINPOWER! b. Find ways to be active every day. You might even write down a list of fun stuff to do, so you can refer to it when mom or dad says it’s time to stop watching TV. or playing on the computer. 2. Eat at least 3 fruits and/or vegetables a day. a. Some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables: Sweet potato Watermelon Mangoes Broccoli Carrots Spinach 3. Drink 3 glasses of water every day. a. Water helps you skin to look good b. Water helps energize muscles   
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